TRIP vigilance symposium

The registration for the TRIP vigilance symposium is now open! 

The costs for delegates are 75 EUR.
After the TRIP vigilance symposium you are invited to attend the opening ceremony and welcome reception of the EATCB conference.

Dear Partners of tissue banking,

The use of human tissue and cells for transplantation is a relatively new science. Although the roots of tissue transplantation go back to the ancient story of Cosmos and Damian, the first documented tissue transplantation to a human is often attributed to the Dutch surgeon Job van Meekeren, who successfully transplanted a piece of canine cranial bone to the fractured skull of a soldier in 1668.

Tissue banking has developed exponentially since those early experimental days, and it is now a mature discipline with a scientific focus on both quality and efficacy. For many human tissue and cell transplants there are still no therapeutic alternatives. This underlines the importance of constant improvement and innovation of the products and techniques in order to optimize therapeutic outcomes in patients.

To ensure the confidence of the patients in the quality of those human transplants and to support the willingness of donors to donate their bodily material, it is essential to continuously monitor the potential risks involved in donation and transplantation, both for donors and for recipients. An active biovigilance system strengthens the quality of transplantation by learning from what goes wrong and is an integral part of good tissue banking.

It is therefore an honour for the Dutch hemovigilance and biovigilance office, TRIP, to participate in organizing the first European Tissue and Cell bank conference in the Netherlands. With its medical University and bioscience industry Leiden is a center of expertise in the field of transplantation, cell therapies and medical product innovation. It also home to many of the transplantation -associated organisations like Eurotransplant, World Marrow Donor Association  Matchis and the Eurotissuebank-Bislife.

All-in all, sample reason for you as biovigilance professional or tissue, cell or reproduction specialist to participate in the TRIP symposium and the EATCB 2019!

Looking forward to meeting you in Leiden,

Kind regards,
Arlinke Bokhorst
Director, TRIP national office for hemo- and biovigilance
Partner in hosting the EATCB 2019